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In the community

We are proud to support a number of charitable causes across the firm.

Below are some of the charity partners that we work closely with to raise awareness of the great work these organisations do to provide assistance, information and services to individuals and their families.


Brain injury can challenge every aspect of your life – walking, talking, thinking and feeling – and the losses can be severe and permanent. It can mean losing both the life you once lived and the person you once were.

Headway is the UK-wide charity that works to improve life after brain injury. Through its network of more than 125 groups and branches across the UK, it provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers, as well as to professionals in the health and legal fields.

The charity also lobbies for better support and resources to be made available to people affected by brain injury and works to raise awareness of brain injury and the devastating effects it can have.

Moore Blatch are active supporters of the brain injury charity Headway, and our firm has been appointed to their legal panel.

Headway South West London (HSWL)

HSWL is a local brain injury charity that has worked for over 30 years to provide assistance, information and services to many of the 135,000 people who suffer brain injury each year and their families and carers. Moore Blatch work very closely with HSWL and raised funds for the charity through a London-Windsor cycle in August 2016 - more information here.

Trevor Sterling, partner at Moore Blatch is a trustee and also Vice-Chair of the charity, whilst other staff members regularly provide volunteer work.

The Mary Seacole Trust

The Mary Seacole Trust was established to ensure the legacy of Mary Seacole continues to be embraced throughout educational establishments and communities across the UK.

Moore Blatch Medical Relations partner, Trevor Sterling, is chair of The Mary Seacole Trust following the unveiling of the statue to honour the Jamaican-born nurse who cared for wounded British soldiers during the Crimean War.

The statue of Mary Seacole was unveiled on Thursday 30th June in the garden of St Thomas’ Hospital, London and is the first statue in the UK dedicated to a named black woman.

Moore Blatch Solicitors has and will continue to support the campaign by the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal and the establishment of legacy projects around education and diverse leadership, particularly within the NHS.

South of England Acquired Brain Injury Forum (SEABIF)

SEABIF is the regional group of the national brain injury charity UKABIF (UK Aquired Brain Injury Forum). It works with medical professionals and support staff across the South to raise and improve services for brain injury patients and actively campaigns for change.

The organisation believes that access to a good range of support and rehabilitation services following a brain injury are key factors to the continued health and wellbeing of patients.

We are very proud that we helped established SEABIF in 2010 and Matthew Claxson, partner at Moore Blatch is the chair of the organisation.

Child Brain Injury Trust

The Child Brain Injury Trust is a charity that supports children, young people, their families and professionals and helps them come to terms with what has happened and how to deal with the uncertainty that the future may hold.

Their services include regional child and family support co-ordinators, providing children, young people and families with the support that they need in order to live their lives to the full, within their local community; a helpline providing support for anyone affected by childhood acquired brain injury; legal support services, including assistance in pursuing a claim for welfare benefits; and information on grants and financial assistance.

Moore Blatch is pleased to have been chosen by the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) as a partner in their new Legal Support Service launched in March 2015.

Encephalitis Society

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain. There are 6,000 cases in the UK each year and potentially hundreds of thousands worldwide. The Encephalitis Society is an international charity and the only resource of its kind in the world dedicated to supporting adults and children affected by encephalitis. Broadly speaking their work involves:

  • Supporting adults, children, families and carers of those affected by encephalitis via their Support Line (+44 (0) 1653 699599), Connection Scheme, Team Encephalitis Volunteers, meetings and events.

  • Producing evidence-based and accredited information about encephalitis and acquired brain injury that may follow, available in different formats on their website ( and from their office.

  • Raising awareness about encephalitis, its consequences and the need for improved services by organising events such as World Encephalitis Day on 22nd February each year.

  • Conducting research, working in partnership with other researchers and providing educational and networking opportunities for those professionals involved in management of patients with encephalitis and/or its after-effects.

Tim Spring, Partner and Head of Clinical Negligence at Moore Blatch has been supporting the Society’s work for many years and he is currently the Chair of the Board of the Trustees of the Encephalitis Society.

AspireAspire Law logo

Aspire is a national charity that provides practical help to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury. Their services include grants, housing, independent living advisors, technology facilities and a free welfare benefits advice service.

Moore Blatch has joined forces with Aspire, the national spinal cord injury charity to form Aspire Law a unique joint venture dedicated to supporting and helping people with spinal cord injury.

Both organisations have worked closely together to combine their knowledge and experience in Spinal Cord Injury to create a new Social Enterprise Model which places clients’ needs and requirements at the centre of the work and ensures that Aspire Law delivers a highly personalised service.


RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims and has been helping families cope with the aftermath of road death and injury since 1992. Its work include:

  • Providing emotional support for road crash victims including a national helpline, befriender network, local support groups, resilience building programme and remembrance activities

  • Producing information guides on post-crash investigation and legal procedures

  • Undertaking casework for bereaved families and the seriously injured

  • Policy and campaigning work for better justice and safer streets for all, informed by the experiences of victims.

Set up in 1992 by a mother whose son was killed by a red light offender, RoadPeace is a membership organisation whose work is informed by the needs and experiences of road crash victims. Membership is open to all, but people affected by road death and injury are particularly encouraged to join and support its calls for justice and safer streets.

For more information about RoadPeace visit or email

The Limbless Association

The Limbless Association provides information and support to the limb-loss community. They aim to support people of all ages and backgrounds through a variety of existing programmes and services.

They offer support to individuals of any age, whether they are about to have an amputation or are already living with congenital or acquired limb-loss and they offer assistance and information to carers, family members and friends if they require it.

They provide a national association of friends and contemporaries through the Limbless Association membership system and provide a single, unified voice for the UK limb-loss community, creating a national union and alliance for UK prosthetic patients.

The Rainbow Trust Children’s charity

Rainbow Trust supports over 25% of the 6,000 families in England who have a child aged 0-18 years of age with a life threatening or terminal illness and need the bespoke support they offer. They support the whole family 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of diagnosis.

They support the whole family including parents, carers, the unwell child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Any family can receive support from the moment of their child or young person’s diagnosis.

Their support is hugely varied and depends on the needs of the family. Support may include all or some of the following: family support workers, sibling support, home support and hospital support.

Enham Trust

We work in close partnership with Enham Trust, a leading and approved Independent Advisory Group. Enham Trust, a registered charity, is a pan disability organisation that works with close to 7,500 individuals each year throughout the South, giving people independence, choice and control in the cornerstone areas of their lives; housing, care, work and skills development.

The Trust provides a range of services including care and support, advice and guidance on budgeting and recruiting personal care assistants, housing support and provision, advice on the changes to disability payments and help with budgeting, numerous skills, training and employment programmes.

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