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£130,000 settlement for a client who suffered injury as a result of delayed management of cauda equina syndrome

Moore Blatch have obtained a settlement of £130,000 for a client who suffered injury as a result of delayed management of cauda equina syndrome.

The client had a pre-existing history of chronic low back pain, but when she attended her local hospital’s A&E department with a complaint of backache radiating down both legs and pins and needles in her feet, she was told to ask her GP for a specialist referral. Before this could take place, the client was returned to hospital by ambulance as a result of her back pain radiating down her right leg. She was admitted under the care of the orthopaedic team who noted increasing right foot numbness, but no bladder or bowel symptoms, and recommended an MRI scan be performed the following morning.

The planned MRI scan was not undertaken until 4 days after admission, following which the client was transferred to a specialist neurosurgical centre where cauda equina syndrome was confirmed and surgery undertaken.

Unfortunately due to the delay in management, the client was left with bladder symptoms and abnormal perineal sensation.

After formal legal proceedings were issued, the Defendant admitted that there had been a negligent delay, but made no further concession. Following an exchange of expert evidence, an overall settlement was negotiated.

Paul Kingsley acted on behalf of the Claimant.

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