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£300,000 compensation following negligent treatment to bilateral leg fractures

Moore Blatch have obtained over £300,000 compensation for a client who suffered from negligent treatment after a fall from a ladder resulted in her breaking both legs.

The patient, who was 41 at the time of her injury, needed extensive orthopaedic management but also acquired an MRSA infection in her left knee whilst in hospital which led to further complications and delay in providing appropriate treatment.  As a result of the negligent treatment, the patient was left seriously disabled, in constant pain and needing to use crutches to mobilise. She is likely to need further knee surgery in the future and as a result of the hospital acquired infection, there is a higher risk of further infection than would otherwise have been the case.

The patient’s case was that, with appropriate treatment, she would have made a good recovery from her original injuries over the course of 6 months with only minor, residual problems thereafter.

Moore Blatch obtained an early liability judgment against the hospital together with an interim payment of compensation for the patient to assist with her needs.  Following a later exchange of additional expert evidence on the impact of her injuries, negotiation led to a definitive award of over £300,000 for the patient.

Paul Kingsley acted on behalf of the Claimant.

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