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More than £300,000 in compensation following husband’s untimely death from bowel cancer

Mrs T has recovered more than £300,000 in compensation following her husband’s death to bowel cancer.

Mr T was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 73. Two years previously he had presented to the Defendant GP complaining of abdominal symptoms which the Defendant GP attributed to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Mr T returned to see the Defendant GP about his Irritable Bowel Syndrome on various occasions and the Defendant GP continued to prescribe medication for that condition.

It was not until Mr T moved house and registered with a new GP that that GP recognised Mr T’s abdominal symptoms warranted a referral to exclude causes other than Irritable Bowel Syndrome, such as bowel cancer.

By the time the referral was made Mr T’s cancer was incurable and sadly he died eight months after his diagnosis. Had Mr T been referred when he saw the Defendant GP his cancer would probably have been cured.

Liability was vehemently denied by the Defendant, so much so that they chose to defend the matter to trial. It was not until mid- trial that the Defendant agreed to settle the claim and the trial was discontinued.

Moore Blatch clinical negligence solicitors Wallis Crockford, Anne Cassidy and Tim Spring worked on this case.

Mrs T said:

“I should like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your colleagues for enabling my family to find some justice for my husband’s untimely death. I shall always remember you with affection. ”

Tim Spring said:

“Sadly this case is an all too common and tragic consequence of a failure to adhere to well understood standards that at Moore Blatch we have encountered many times.”

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