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Solving the problems caused by a homemade will

The deceased made a homemade will using a will form purchased from a stationers. After his death, the will was found to contain many amendments and crossings out as well as being written in different pens. The Probate Registry required evidence that the changes were made before the Will was signed. The executors came to us for help with this, and then going forward, to administrate the will.

We traced the two witnesses, to find that one of them had died before the deceased, and the other was blind. It was not possible, therefore, to obtain evidence that the amendments were carried out before the will was signed.

The Probate Registry required an Affidavit as to the deceased’s writing habits and Affidavits from other members of the family who would have inherited under the intestacy rules if the will proved invalid, to state that they did not object to the homemade will and would not challenge it.

On the basis of the Affidavits by the family, the Probate Registry issued a Grant of Probate proved on the homemade will and we proceeded to administer the estate successfully as the deceased had intended.

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