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Employment contracts and director service agreements

Does your business need new contracts of employment or directors service agreements?

Would you like your current contracts to be reviewed to ensure that they are in line with current legislation? Do you require a bespoke contract for a new position?

Employment contracts and director's service agreements are very important documents which regulate the relationship between your business and your employees. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these documents are detailed, legally compliant and tailored to your business. We can assist you in either drafting a specific contract, a template for your business to use moving forwards or updating your current templates.

Why does my business need a contract of employment?

As an employer it is important to understand that there is always a contract between an employee and employer. Although you may not have anything in writing a contract will still exist. Having an unwritten contract can bring uncertainty to both parties, especially when a dispute arises.

What are the consequences if my business doesn’t have a contract of employment?

It is much easier and more cost efficient for your business to take time at the beginning of an employment relationship to create written employment contracts which expressly set out the terms which have been agreed between the parties, rather than face an employment tribunal claim due to uncertain terms when the employment terminates.

These express terms are likely to include terms in relation to

  • pay (wages, overtime, bonuses, sick pay, redundancy pay);

  • hours (hours, when and where, overtime);

  • holiday (pay, entitlement, process); and

  • termination (notice period, method, reasons).

How can Moore Blatch assist?

The team at Moore Blatch have a wealth of knowledge in drafting and reviewing employment contracts and director's service agreements. Although you may find standard employment documents from websites or old documents you may have, we advise you seek professional legal advice from our team to ensure that the contracts are up to date and comply with the law. Our team will take the time to discuss with you the terms of the contract and ensure that the contract is tailored to your business, creating an entirely bespoke document.

Once a contract or agreement has been correctly drafted it is important that they are maintained and kept up to date with the changes in the law. Our team are able to provide a quote to your business to perform a contract review, which will enable you to ensure your contracts are being properly maintained and remain legally compliant.

For more information please contact Katherine Maxwell or Naomi Greenwood.



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