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Defending your case in court as a corporate identity

Talk to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) solicitors at Moore Blatch today for experienced and reliable support in defending your company’s health and safety case in court. We have years of experience in defending companies’ interests in court during a health and safety prosecution.

Arrange a free, no obligation chat today and we will quickly analyse your circumstances and discuss the best course of action ahead of your court date.

Call the number above or contact us online. Your action could secure the future of your business.

Defending your company from a HSE prosecution

We understand how significant a HSE prosecution could be. While the penalty varies from one case to the next, this can be sizable and even threaten the business as a whole. In fact, it isn’t just businesses but individuals within them that can be prosecuted.

Failure to respond to an improvement or prohibition notice could land a business with a £20,000 fine, while the individuals within the company could even face up to six months in prison. Fortunately, our HSE prosecution solicitors have years of experience in defending health and safety cases in court. With our help you can build the best possible case for the defence and guarantee your best chance of a positive outcome.

HSE  solicitors

We are a leading legal firm in the south of England and during our time we have managed high profile cases which have been brought by the HSE. We will work with you to build the best possible case on your behalf and help you to take a proactive approach to the complex legal proceedings ahead of you.

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