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Simple ways to manage health & safety risks

At Moore Blatch solicitors, we work with businesses when accidents happen and employees are injured.

Companies can face costly HSE investigations, in the wake of a workplace injury or illness, while company directors and managers could face prosecution and be found personally liable.

In many instances, these accidents could have been completely avoidable. All it takes is basic health and safety risk awareness.

Managing health and safety risks

It is a legal obligation to look after the health and safety of your employees and so it is essential to identify risks within the workplace and deal with them appropriately. But with so many other aspects of your business to look after, how do you factor this into your limited time?

You do it with a simple risk assessment.

As a rule, any business which employs more than 5 persons should record the risk assessments carried out so that they have concrete evidence of the work they have done to protect their employees.

Of course, even if a business is very small and has just one or two staff, it can be just as useful to keep these sorts of records.

Health and safety risk assessments

Corporate risk assessment doesn’t have to create mountains of paperwork, it simply has to provide a framework in which to identify potential health and safety issues. These checks will safeguard the company against a costly prosecution or health and safety investigation, and are most effective when carried out regularly.

Below, you’ll find an example of a typical five stage risk assessment:

1. Identify possible hazards

2. Decide who could be at risk

3. Evaluate the risk and decide on the precautions

4. Make a record of the assessment and implement the findings

5. Review the assessment and redo

Good risk assessment is never truly finished, since the typical workplace rarely stands still. New equipment represents new hazards and challenges, while existing equipment ages through typical wear and tear. In much the same way, new procedures or new premises represent health and safety challenges which should be addressed in regular risk assessments.

There are also other methods to improve the way your business identifies and acts upon risks. For example, you can review accident reports and absence records to identify patterns of absence and other health and safety hazards.

Once you have identified the hazards, it is equally important to introduce the right safety measures. This could include protective equipment and clothing or safety training for the affected members of staff.

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Sometimes accidents happen, and it pays to have experienced health and safety solicitors on your side if you, or your business, are under suspicion. Call Moore Blatch Solicitors on 0800 157 7611 for the legal advice and practical support you need.

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