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Ensuring the safety and security of your confidential information and data is paramount to the success of your business.

Cyber-security is a growing concern for all of us and in particular for businesses.  In research we undertook at the end of 2015, 76% of SME’s expressed concern about cyber-security and 17% had specifically experienced a cyber-attack. Concerns ranged from protecting bank and credit card details through to protecting client data.  These, and others, are all real issues faced by businesses every day.

Issues range from people hacking into our computer systems using increasingly sophisticated means, through to simply accessing information via staff unknowingly sharing information to attackers.

Most cyber-issues are down to malicious intent that is able to infiltrate our systems for commercial gain or to be disruptive or worse. Ignorance or failure to put in place robust processes and system checks – such as keeping virus and malware software up to date – are the main reasons that we fall prey to this attacks.

The good news is that there are steps that you can take to protect your business.

In April 2016 we hosted two cyber-security seminars. John Warchus and Dorothy Agnew, our expert commercial lawyers, provided important cyber-security legal survival tips. Additionally, we had guest speakers from Kaspersky Labs and Taylor Made providing an insight into the key threats and trends facing SME businesses and, importantly, outlined the steps that businesses can take to protect their business.

In July 2016 we followed up these seminars with a webinar with Kaspersky Labs discussing the risks, solutions and legal best practice on the cyber-security landscape. You can view this webinar in full using the link below, as well as accessing some other useful resources, including data and trends, to help you get to grips with this important topic.

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Please contact John Warchus or Dorothy Agnew if you would like to discuss cyber-security or any other commercial matters.

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