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Delay in diagnosis of encephalitis leads to successful compensation claim

At 24 years-old, James was enjoying life; he was concentrating on his


"Tim Spring heads the ‘assiduous’ team at Moore Blatch LLP."

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Moore Blatch and The Encephalitis Society

As head of clinical negligence at law firm Moore Blatch, Tim Spring, has a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of encephalitis and has been involved with The Encephalitis Society for 15 years.


“My personal interest in this condition began over 20 years ago when I was instructed to investigate several encephalitis cases.

“It was clear to me that more needed to be done to raise awareness of the condition to ensure earlier identification and treatment, so that those affected would have a better quality of life after illness.”

Since then Tim joined the board of trustees of The Encephalitis Society and is currently the Vice Chair. As a professional dealing with these types of disputes, Tim’s experience can offer insight to the charity on a range of legal and medical developments, as well as helping to increase the support and services that those affected require.

The board of trustees play a vital role in helping the charity develop its strategy and vision, which is reviewed on an annual basis and directly influences the charity’s activities.

In 2011, Tim received an Exceptional Service award from The Encephalitis Society in recognition of his dedication to the charity and those affected by the condition. The awardees are nominated by members of The Encephalitis Society in appreciation of their service given to health, education and social care and whose contribution is believed to have made a “real difference”.

Tim says that the work which The Society does is incredibly valuable and developments like the Liverpool Algorithm, which is a diagnostic tool, introduced by The Society to help support the investigation and treatment of suspected viral encephalitis serves to improve clinical outcomes for those affected.

For more information please read The Encephalitis Society Neuro-Legal Handbook.

About The Society

The Encephalitis Society began in 1994 and today is an international charity that provides support and information to all people affected by encephalitis, directly or indirectly, and to a variety of professionals and organisations from health, social care and education.

The charity organises weekends for children and young people, families, and adult retreats, as well as regional meetings that offer support and information.

The charity has also developed a UK-based Regional Representative Volunteers Scheme whereby members of the Society are trained and accredited to provide support and information in people’s local communities. Currently this covers 20 areas in the UK and Ireland. The Society has a comprehensive resource of evidence-based information and works on raising awareness through arranging conferences, workshops and seminars for professionals, providing tailor-made training packages for health, education and social care professionals and establishing links to, and collaborations with, other organisations.

Encephalitis was seen as a relatively rare condition, about which little could be done. The Encephalitis Society has striven to change this and is proactive in the field of research. It promotes, conducts and assists with research into encephalitis by appointing leading medical and health care professionals to The Society’s Professional Advisory Panel, conducting research and working in partnership with other researchers and research institutions.

The Society also works in partnership with other neurological charities at national level to address concerns and campaign for improved services. 

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