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Failure to gain your consent to treatment

When your dentist suggests or recommends treatment, you expect that they will be acting in your best interests. However, they cannot do this without knowing what is important to you and explaining to you the likely effects of the course of action proposed. 

Valid consent is obtained if a dentist ensures that:

  • You have been provided with necessary information about the proposed treatment, the risks involved and relevant alternative treatments (including no treatment)

  • The consent has been obtained voluntarily

  • You (the patient) have the ability to understand the nature, purpose and consequences of the proposed treatment

Depending on the situation, you may be entitled to make a claim if your dentist didn’t obtain your consent for the dental procedure. Each situation needs to be looked at carefully by a team who understand the unique nature of dental treatment.

Dental care and Rehabilitation

Our aim is to help you restore and maintain your dental health by obtaining compensation wherever possible to assist you with:

  • Remedial treatment to put you in a position, as closely as possible, to that which you would have been in had your consent been properly obtained

  • The cost of future replacement cycles of treatment which would not otherwise have been required



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