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Poor root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is also sometimes called endodontic treatment.  When carried out to a high technical standard, this treatment can be very successful and enable an infected tooth to be retained where it might otherwise have to be extracted, as long as it is also possible to restore the overall tooth to function.

Complications can occur during or after root canal treatment, reducing the chance of the treatment being successful. If this happens, possible options include monitoring the response, repeating the treatment, onward referral to a specialist for advice and possible re-treatment, surgery or extraction of the tooth. The dentist should tell you about any complications anticipated before treatment and encountered during or after treatment, so that you can understand and make decisions which are right for you.

If root canal treatment fails due to a poor standard of treatment it can lead to recurrent infection and avoidable loss of the tooth.

Dental care and Rehabilitation

  • Our aim is to help you restore and maintain your dental health by obtaining compensation wherever possible to assist you with:

  • Remedial treatment

  • The cost of replacement of teeth avoidably lost

  • The cost of future cycles of maintenance and repair of any replacement work which you would not otherwise have required

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