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"There was transparency from the word go. I would never hesitate to go back in the future."

A private client: family team

"The team as a whole is excellent. They conduct good communications across departments as well."

A private client: family team

"They provide excellent service. They are immediately responsive and sensitive but provide straightforward and clear advice."

A private client: family team

"Jan is extremely knowledgeable and professional, compassionate as well, and pretty tenacious. She went above and beyond the call of duty."

A private client: family team

"Very good and efficient"

A private client: family team

"Debra is a well-regarded collaborative lawyer who acts for professionals, business owners and armed forces personnel."

Chambers and partners 2017

"Jan Galloway specialises in cross-border cases and is capable of handling both financial and children work which spans multiple jurisdictions."

Chambers and partners 2017

"Katy conducts good quality work in larger and complex private law matters. She is very thorough and establishes a good rapport."

Independent third party: family

"Jan Galloway understands how international private law issues operate in children cases"

Independent third party: family

"The ‘efficient and capable’ team at Moore Blatch LLP has worked on several pre-nuptial agreements and high-value divorce cases in 2015."

Legal 500 2016

"Jan fought very hard, and was sensible at the same time."

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"Jan is such a people person. She protects the client but she works for the benefit of the family, and she has good judgment."

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Mediation, collaborative approach and arbitration

In this section we look at processes for settling matters with a partner or spouse without using a court.

A relationship breakdown is an extremely stressful and difficult time and we have a strong network of divorce coaches, counsellors and family consultants to help and support you through a divorce or separation.

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For more information and to make an appointment at our Southampton office please contact Debra Emery.

For Richmond and City appointments please contact Jan Galloway.

Download our mediation referral form here.


Mediation is a voluntary process entered into by a couple before, during or sometimes after a divorce or separation. The mediator, who is often an experienced family law solicitor, is instructed by a couple jointly and on a completely neutral basis to facilitate discussions between them with a view to agreeing outcomes typically for children and finances.

The mediator can give legal information but is not able to give legal advice to either of the couple. That is the role of solicitors who the couple separately retain to work alongside and in tandem with the mediator.

Typically, mediation might take place across two to five sessions, depending on the nature and complexity of the matters under consideration. We can help you prepare for and advise you between mediation sessions as to any legal points arising and to generally help and assist you in progressing this process.

Mediation can be a cost effective approach since the couple typically shares the cost of the mediator between them, although they would remain responsible for the costs of their own independent solicitors' advice separately.

Collaborative approach

The collaborative approach is where both of you and your respective solicitors engage together in a number of face to face meetings to help settle points between you, typically involving the children and finances. As solicitors we will give you both 'real time' legal advice, practical help and guidance within these meetings, which are intended to be informal and constructive so that different options can be openly explored in a safe and facilitated environment.


If you and your partner are struggling to reach an agreed outcome you may want to consider using arbitration as an alternative to going to court. As a couple you can choose the arbitrator who acts as a 'judge'. The benefit of arbitration over a court process is that you will always have the same 'judge'. you can choose the timing of the process to suit you (rather than a court schedule), and you know that you will be heard at a given time on an appointed date, rather than being made to wait in the court precinct.

The decision of the arbitrator is final and the couple agree to be bound by that decision. 

As your solicitor we would prepare your case for arbitration and be by your side every step of the way.

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