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When a child or young person has suffered a major trauma, their access to educational provision may be affected in a number of ways, including requiring extra provision, specialist equipment or time off for therapy during school hours.

Firstly, it is important that the school has a clear understanding of the needs of the pupil and it may, therefore, be necessary for an Education Health and Care (EHC) Assessment to be carried out. This will detail the needs of the pupil and the support they will require to ensure that they continue to access the full curriculum.

It is the responsibility of the Local Authority (LA) to meet the needs of all pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and therefore the duty is on the LA to ensure that the school is provided with the appropriate funding and support. In order to fulfil this, the LA can issue an EHC Plan which details the pupil’s needs and the provision that will be provided for them in the school setting.

If the Local Authority decides that it will not agree to a certain level of provision or name the school requested by the parents, the decision can be appealed to the SEN Tribunal. Prior to appealing we can also assist parents with ensuring the content of the EHC Plan is specific enough to ensure that their child receives the support they need to access education.

When a child is suddenly injured the parents are often new to the SEN system and procedure. We are therefore able to use our expertise to lead them through their options and ensure that they receive the support they require to get their child back into education and provided with appropriate therapy and 1:1 support to access the full curriculum.

Our education law and community care teams work very closely together to make sure that every aspect of your child’s education and welfare is considered and supported, including:

We have a reputation for getting results quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. By listening to you and taking the time to understand your child’s needs, we can assess the options, set goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

More information is available to read but if you have any questions please contact the major trauma team on 0333 241 9995 or

We will support you through the entire assessment and planning process and also provide legal help should you need to appeal or dispute any decisions.

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