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If you have concerns about your employment situation or you are returning to work after a major trauma we understand that this can be an anxious time for you.

With our help you can feel confident that support and adjustments are in place to help you manage this more easily.

Our highly-experienced employment team provides a full range of employment law services, including advice on terms of employment and contracts, making sure your employer fulfils their duty to make reasonable adjustment, matters involving discrimination and employment tribunal claims.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the major trauma team on 0333 241 9995 or

Employment terms and rights

A change in your circumstances may mean that your employment documents (such as your employment contract and staff handbook) need reviewing. We can do this for you and give advice so you know exactly what you are entitled to, what your rights are at work and we can help you to understand areas such as applying for certain types of leave and flexible working.

Reasonable adjustments

Employers are under a duty to make reasonable adjustments to help disabled job applicants and employees, which can include adjustments to premises, allowing an employee with a disability to take time off for rehabilitation, assessment or treatment and acquiring or modifying equipment. The onus is not on the disabled person to suggest adjustments; the duty is on the employer.

We will make sure that your employer properly fulfils their duties and we can also advise you on your options if your employer is refusing to make reasonable adjustments.


If you feel that you have suffered discrimination at work as a result of the injury or disability sustained after a major trauma, it is important to raise your concerns as soon as the incident occurred. There is normally a time limit of three months to bring a claim after the act of discrimination.

Our friendly, experienced team will explain your rights and give you advice on areas such as keeping your job, training for a new role or applying for a different job.

Employment tribunal

If a claim that you have made against your employer is going through an employment tribunal then we will make sure that you are fully-prepared and understand what will happen on the day. The tribunal has a number of powers and, if a finding of discrimination is made, it can make a declaration of rights; recommending an employer to take certain steps (for example introduce changes) and to pay compensation.

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