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Lung cancer

This type of cancer occurs when tumours grow within the lung, interfering with its main function, and can be caused by smoking or in some cases by working environments, including being exposed to asbestos, dust and radiation.

As with all types of cancers it’s important to receive an early diagnosis and treatment to increase the chances of recovery. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have guidelines for GPs to assist in determining which symptoms warrant a referral for further investigation. Failing to comply is an indication of possible negligence. A GP’s failure to recognise potential symptoms of cancer and refer a patient can have devastating results. Additionally, medical professionals failing to investigate a referred patient can lead to delays in treatment, which can have adverse affects on the chances of recovery.

Asbestos can cause all four major types of lung cancer:

  • Squamous
  • Adeno
  • Large-cell
  • Small-cell carcinoma

In the last 10-15 years there have been more and more studies which say that lung cancer can be due to asbestos exposure, even if asbestosis is not present.


A man or women with lung cancer who has been exposed to asbestos may be entitled to compensation, even if he/she is or has been a smoker.

Defendants do not normally dispute that lung cancer has been caused by asbestos if asbestosis is also present, even if the Claimant was a smoker. Judgments in favour of Claimant’s date from the 1980s.

Claims have succeeded if someone has been heavily exposed to asbestos for a prolonged period of time, such as carrying out asbestos insulation work for at least a year.

Our specialist team have extensive knowledge with some formerly working as doctors, nurses or midwives, putting us in an excellent position to understand your claim from both the medical and the legal standpoints. Our entire team is knowledgeable of the investigation process and techniques used to gather evidence in a personal injury claim.

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