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Cerebral palsy

Thousands of families across the UK are affected by cerebral palsy following complications at birth.

When these complications could have been avoided, families are entitled to compensation and Moore Blatch Solicitors are on hand to help them to earn it.

However, before you pursue legal proceedings, it is important to find out as much as you can about the condition as possible.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is not simply one condition, but is in fact a collective term for various conditions which cause ongoing movement problems throughout life. The most common kind of cerebral palsy is so called spastic cerebral palsy which causes muscles to become stiff and rigid. The condition can affect one, or all, limbs. In addition, the effect can be mild or severe.

When complications at birth prevent the child from taking in oxygen, ongoing problems with movement, learning and other difficulties can be created. Children who suffer a lack of oxygen at birth can suffer from epilepsy. They may also be unable to walk, talk or eat.

Unfortunately, when motor skills are affected, the child’s entire development can be hampered and they can also suffer from feelings of social isolation.

The condition cannot be cured but can be treated. Limb deformities can be limited or controlled through ongoing care and rehabilitation. This can allow children to reach their full potential and achieve as normal a life as possible.

How can Moore Blatch Solicitors Help?

Families that are affected by cerebral palsy are seldom the same as before ever again and when the condition has been brought about by avoidable mistakes, the situation is even harder to take.

Moore Blatch brain injury solicitors can help these families fight for the compensation they deserve. We have managed many successful cerebral palsy compensation claims over many years of business. We know exactly what evidence and specialist medical insight is required to not simply win a claim but also receive the right amount of compensation for the child’s ongoing treatment, care and rehabilitation.

Financial security can ensure that families regain as much normality as possible. Children affected by cerebral palsy may require full time care and this can place an understandable strain on the family unit as adult members of the family adjust to their new role as carer, while siblings make the difficult adjustments required to understand the family’s situation.

Cerebral palsy claims can be complex. There is the possibility of interim payments to consider, while the case is ongoing. This is a short term compensation figure which can be paid out to pay for medical care and treatment while a case is still in process.

The goal of every solicitor at Moore Blatch is simply to ensure that our client’s have everything they need to get a family back on their feet and give a youngster with cerebral palsy the best possible chance to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

What should I do if avoidable complications at birth have resulted in cerebral palsy?

If your child is living with mild or severe cerebral palsy due to avoidable complications at birth, Call Moore Blatch Solicitors today for the legal advice and practical support you need.

At Moore Blatch Solicitors we will help you to build the best possible case for cerebral palsy compensation and we will also ensure that you have the advice and support that you need throughout this challenging time.

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