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Impact of a brain injury

Brain injuries can have devastating, lifelong effects, not only on the injured person, but also on their families and friends.

The complexity of the brain means that a traumatic brain injury can affect it in any number of ways and the results can be diverse. Perhaps most importantly, the impact of a brain injury may not immediately be apparent. Some of the consequences may not be obvious to other people.

The impact of a brain injury on those effected

Traumatic brain injuries can cause visible, physical disabilities but can also create hidden disabilities, cognitive impairments which the people around an accident victim may never truly appreciate.

They may struggle to think clearly or comprehend previously straightforward concepts. They may be irritable, aggressive, anxious or depressed. Rather than simple personality traits, these issues could be physiological conditions which require just as much help and rehabilitation as anything else.

In some unfortunate incidents the person injured in an accident will be left unable to care for themselves and will be dependent on others for a prolonged period of time or even the rest of their lives.

Whether the effects of an accident are physical or mental, a certain amount of compensation will be required to ensure that the needs of the individual are met. This could include medical treatment and ongoing care, rehabilitation services, counseling, disability aids, accommodation or alterations to the existing home.

In addition to providing expert legal advice, Moore Blatch brain injury solicitors provide access to the very best medical experts in the field.

It’s not simply about winning a headline-grabbing amount of compensation. It’s about ensuring that the injured person has the advice and support that they need during such a challenging phase of their life. You can therefore be rest assured that not only will we maximise your compensation, with Moore Blatch you will be provided with advice and support every step of the way.

The impact of a brain injury on family, friends and carers

Anybody who has to care for someone with a brain injury knows how life-altering this can be. Traumatic accidents can have a devastating effect on the lives of friends and relatives and these effects can last much longer than the initial emotional trauma and adjustment.

Nobody expects that the people they love most might suffer an accident which changes them physically or mentally for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, help is available to make life a little easier for those who are thrust into the role of a full or part-time carer.

We will arrange for a Case Manager specialising in brain injuries to work with the injured person and their families to assist in managing all aspects of the rehabilitation and care. Even things like organising medical appointments can be stressful for the injured person and family members, and the Case Manger will relive this burden. It may also be appropriate for a Support Worker to work with the injured person to help further relive the burden placed on the family, and assist with the rehabilitation process. We will always involve the injured person and the family in the process of appointing both the Case Manger and the Support Worker.

If appropriate we will ensure that funding is secured from the opponent for professional carers to be put in place at an early stage.

Sustaining a brain injury can have a devastating impact on the life of the injured person and their family, and they can suddenly be faced with having to deal with numerous issues including employment, financial, housing and benefit problems. We are here to provide support with every aspect, and we can put you in touch with organisations, with which we have developed strong relationships, and they will be able to provide you with help and support in all of these areas.

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