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Brain Injury – individual impact

Brain injuries can make a massive impact on our everyday life; over a defined period or for the rest of our lives.

The Impact of a brain injury on the individual

Our brains are effectively in charge of everything we do. They govern our personalities, our opinions, our habits and our physical functions.

After managing many successful brain injury compensation claims over many years, the experts at Moore Blatch solicitors understand the impact that a catastrophic brain injury can have on the whole family. Here, however, we’re going to focus on the impact brain injuries have on the individual.

The impact of a brain injury can be different from one case to the next since the brain is such a complex organ. The majority of effects fall into the category of physical or mental.

What is the physical impact of a brain injury?

In addition to altering the way we think and behave, brain injuries can affect our physical capabilities. Catastrophic brain injuries can prevent an individual from continuing a particular career, or working at all. They can also force previously independent people to rely entirely on others.

Individuals living with a brain injury can lose any of their senses like sight, hearing, taste or smell. They can also experience various paralysis, which can be extremely traumatic.

As if that wasn’t enough, there can be ongoing pain, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. There is also the risk of epilepsy and seizures; which place the individual at further ongoing risk in the future.

What is the mental impact of a brain injury?

The commonly held myth is that a brain injury simply affects a person’s intellect, but the truth is much more complicated than this. In addition to affecting a person’s abilities and intellect, a brain injury can affect the very way they think, the way they react to other people and even their personality.

Our brains are in charge of our mental processes, like thought, perception and learning, the impact of an acquired brain injury is sometimes invisible to the outside world.

Brain injuries can lead to anxiety and depression. They can also lead to personality changes. Individuals can become more irritable and short tempered or lazy and lethargic.

These effects might not be visible but they are every bit as real as the physical impacts and they also require medical treatment and rehabilitation services. Often a major problem associated with brain injuries is that the injured person does not have full insight into the effects and extent of their own injury, which can act as a barrier to rehabilitation and support. It is therefore important that the right professionals are chosen to work with the injured person.

Am I entitled to make a brain injury compensation claim?

If you, or somebody you know, has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident which wasn’t your fault, Call Moore Blatch Solicitors today for the legal advice and practical support you need.

At Moore Blatch Solicitors we can help you to build the best possible case for brain injury compensation and we also ensure that you have the advice and support that you need throughout this challenging time.

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