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Burns and scarring

What are serious burns?

Burns or scalds are injuries which cause damage to the skin and the tissue beneath it. While scalds are caused by contact with hot liquids or steam, burns are caused by dry heat, or more specifically from direct contact with fire or hot surfaces, like the plate of an iron. Chemical burns are distinct in that they can be caused by dry, or liquid, chemical substances which contact the skin.

Serious burns can have catastrophic effects on your quality of life or even your mobility. They can prevent the patient from earning a living or attending higher education. Even when burn injuries heal they can affect mobility and leave patients with a loss of sensation, because of scar tissue.

Scarring and tissue injuries

Scar tissue can result in restricted mobility and can prevent patients from carrying out a number of everyday activities like writing or typing. But perhaps more debilitating than the physical effects of scar tissue is the psychological damage which can be caused. This is especially true when the scar tissue caused by the injury cannot be covered by clothing or concealing make up.

Scarring injuries can require extensive treatment and surgery. Surgery ranges from reconstructive to cosmetic procedures. Skin grafts are amongst the most common treatments for burns and scars.

Burn compensation claims and scar compensation claims

At Moore Blatch Solicitors, our serious injury compensation team have years of experience fighting for burn and scarring compensation for clients all over the UK. For clients, finding quality legal representation could arguably be as important as getting the right medical attention. Our understanding of the complex nature of serious injury claims, coupled with our sensitive and straightforward approach to legal representation mean you will always understand exactly what is happening on your behalf and you will stand the best chance of getting the right amount of compensation for your needs.

Burn injury compensation should reflect the pain and suffering you have experienced and should also reflect the ongoing financial requirements of your condition. You may have experienced a loss of earnings, may require ongoing medical treatment and may also require adaptations to your home, car and lifestyle. All of these things will require funding and if the injuries were someone else’s fault, you are not expected to cover these expenses yourself.


Facial scarring compensation

The amount of burn accident compensation or scarring compensation you are entitled to depends entirely on your circumstances but our straight talking legal experts can help you to quickly and easily understand your situation and what you could be entitled to.


How much facial scarring compensation could I be entitled to?

When calculating the amount of burn injury compensation appropriate for a client, our legal experts consider the nature and severity of their injuries, the circumstances of the injury, loss of earnings and any ongoing medical expenses or care needs.

We establish what is required with the help of leading medical experts and plastic surgeons, who compile reports on which we base our cases. We also call upon your hospital records and information from your GP. Scar tissue might be hypertrophic (raised) and may cause itchiness, pain or discomfort but in some circumstances, corrective surgery might go some way to repairing the damage caused by the accident.

Using your medical report and the precedent set by previous claims we can assess the level of compensation which is suitable and then work to ensure that your burn or scarring compensation claim is successful.


Do women receive higher scar compensation than men?

Concerning facial scars, there is a precedent for women to receive more from scarring claims than men since it is generally considered that facial appearance is more important to women than men, while pain and suffering is also considered to be more severe for women too.


Does the amount of scar compensation available depend upon age?

To an extent -- yes. Since younger people are generally considered to be more self conscious than older people. They are also likely to live a longer life and thus suffer with their scarred condition for longer.

Talk to Moore Blatch Solicitors today if you, or a loved one, have suffered burns or scarring in an accident which was not your fault. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you get the compensation you deserve and we can also ensure that the legal process is as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

In the meantime, there is plenty of information which can help you gain a better understanding of burns, scarring and serious injury claims right here on the Moore Blatch website. You can find out more about the most common causes of serious burn injuries, and also the most common surgical procedures and treatments.





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