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Stress & depression

Though stress is not classed as an illness itself, it can lead to anxiety or depression or in more serious cases can lead to physical injuries such as heart disease.

Stress related injuries can be as a result of accident or injury sustained, or can be the result of work related incidents. These type of claims can be difficult to win, with evidence playing a key role. It’s therefore critical that you document as much as possible, whether that means health records or witness statements.

It is important that your solicitor understand the complexities that may be involved in your claim.

Given our extensive experience, our team is in a position where we can readily identify the issues involved in your claim that could impact you or your loved one’s immediate and future needs. One of our expert solicitors even practiced as a hospital doctor prior to studying law. Another was a midwife, and another was a director of intensive care research at a teaching hospital.

The emotional reassurance of knowing that your loved one is left in good hands can have a significant impact on you and your family.

At Moore Blatch, we will take time to explain the specific issues involved in your claim and your options for pursuing compensation. We will explain your options and the likelihood of your claim succeeding, and we will make certain that we advocate for your best interests.

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