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Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more of the small sacs of synovial fluid in the body otherwise known as “bursae”.

The bursae rest at the points where muscles and tendons slide across bone.

You expect that your employer will take the necessary steps to protect you from any possible illness or injury, including bursitis.

Bursitis has been linked to certain professions or activities, including those where employees are expected to kneel or crawl as part of their job. Examples include:

  • Cleaners

  • IT support workers who have to regularly access computers and wires situated underneath desks

  • Mechanics

  • Housekeepers

  • Caretakers

  • Labourers

If you have experienced bursitis as a result of your working environment you could be entitled to compensation. Reaching a favourable outcome is of the utmost importance to our personal injury team. We utilise a wealth of knowledge, skills and resources to take an assertive stance in advocating for your best interests.

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