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Occupational asthma

Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways. The small tubes in the lungs, called bronchi, become inflamed and more sensitive than normal.

There are triggers which can cause asthma or increase your symptoms.

If, as an employee, you feel your asthma has been caused at work and your employer has not protected you from that risk, you could be entitled to compensation.  

Work related asthma can be caused if you are exposed to dust, welding fumes, gases, sandblasting dust, solvent vapours, flour, cleaning fluids and mists.  

You may find that your symptoms become heightened during the working week, which could indicate the condition is either caused or aggravated by your working conditions.

If you have experienced occupational asthma, you could be entitled to compensation. Reaching a favourable outcome is of the utmost importance to our personal injury team. We utilise a wealth of knowledge, skills and resources to take an assertive stance in advocating for your best interests.

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