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Serious orthopaedic – accidents & injuries

Just as the range of serious orthopaedic injuries is diverse, so are the potential causes of those injuries.

Here, we will explain more about the kinds of accidents which typically lead to serious orthopaedic injuries and we will also round up some of the most common kinds of orthopaedic injury.

Importantly, however regardless of how the accident occurred one fact remains the same: if the accident which resulted in a person’s injury was not entirely their fault, they could be entitled to serious orthopaedic injury compensation.

Talk to our friendly and understanding personal injury solicitors today and read on to find out more.

Common accident types leading to serious orthopaedic injuries

There are a number of accidents which can lead to serious orthopaedic accidents, including:

  • Road traffic accidents

  • Accidents at work – Defective machinery and factory work, construction, farming

  • Falls from height

  • Sporting injuries – horse riding, rugby, motor racing

  • Slips, trips and falls

  • Clinical negligence

Most common serious orthopaedic injuries

Many serious orthopaedic injuries fall into four general categories:

  • Fractures

  • Muscle injuries

  • Ligament injuries

  • Tendon injuries

Spinal orthopaedic injury

Spinal injuries are amongst the most serious orthopaedic injuries and depending on the severity of the incident they can have life altering consequences. These injuries could prevent the injured person from ever again earning a living or pursuing their other passions and interests.

Serious orthopaedic spinal injury compensation could be essential in providing the injured person involved in an accident with the support they need to fund medical treatment, rehabilitation and care — not to mention the loss of earnings and the compensation for pain and suffering.

Compensation is often required for such things as adaptations to a home, a service living environment, full time care and mobility aids. Compensation for these serious orthopaedic injuries can therefore be substantial. We do more than simply argue a case on your behalf. We understand how traumatic the aftermath of a serious accident can be and our team is trained to provide support and advice to the injured person involved in the accident and their family, in addition to granting them access to high quality care providers.

It’s so important to connect our clients with the right third parties, since a variety of complications can arise relating to serious orthopaedic injuries.

Complications of a serious orthopaedic injury

One of the reasons that compensation for serious orthopaedic injuries can be very high is that there can be a number of complications arising from injuries of this kind, including:

  • Infections

  • Arthritis

  • Malunion

  • Problems with removal of metalwork

  • Risk of amputation

Orthopaedic infections can be harrowing events, as bacteria carries disease into the body, destroying healthy tissue, multiplying and spreading through the body.

Recent studies also show a link between trauma and the development of arthritis. Posttraumatic arthritis can occur, even when a patient has received optimal treatment for their injuries.

When a fracture heals in a less than ideal position, doctors refer to this as malunion. A recovered bone may be shorter than normal, twisted, rotated or bent. This causes swelling, pain and deformity.

Sometimes, when an extremity fails to recover sufficiently from an orthopaedic procedure, doctors may recommend amputations.

If you have suffered serious orthopaedic injury because of an accident which wasn’t entirely your fault, you deserve compensation, which will be used to pay for further medical operations and treatments in addition to various rehabilitation costs. Talk to the experts at Moore Blatch today, to discuss your circumstances and the possibility of making a serious orthopaedic injury claim.

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