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Back injuries

The back and spine in particular are very complex structures, which if damaged, can result in significant back pain.

The severity of an injured back varies significantly from short term pain (a few weeks) to someone being permanently disabled or in pain for life.

If you have suffered a back injury in an accident which was someone else’s fault, you may be able to make personal injury compensation claim.

Moore Blatch is on the panel of the Spinal Injuries Association, and several of our lawyers are individual members of the organisation. Our experience with proving detailed damages claims related to paraplegia and quadriplegia can not only help your family recover the compensation you’ll need, but can also assist with the practical dimensions of a long-term or permanent injury.

We can help with applications for interim payments of compensation throughout the case, which can be vital where employment is not an option and income is drastically reduced.

Here are some examples of the accidents that can result in a serious injury to the back or neck:

  • Road traffic accidents

  • Bicycle or pedestrian accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Falls from heights

  • Industrial accidents

  • Construction accidents

  • Accidents suffered overseas, including car accidents, train collisions or aviation disasters

  • Sports accidents

  • Neurological trauma due to medical negligence

Our offices are wheelchair accessible, and all members of our personal injury team work compassionately with clients and their families.

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