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Work experience

Many college and university students look for work experience and we want to do as much as we can to facilitate this.  However we have to be open with you – we receive far more requests for work experience than the number of placements we can offer.

We also have to strike a balance.  Providing effective work experience requires a considerable commitment of time and resources from us and we also need to ensure we are able to give our clients the high levels of service they expect from us.

So we would rather offer fewer placements and make them worthwhile, than jeopardise client service or the quality of your experience with us.

And because work experience is crucial for all undergraduates wishing to become solicitors, our policy is to offer placements only to students already studying Law. They have the legal knowledge to get the most benefit from the placement, and it helps us as well.

We cannot therefore accept an application from you if you are a school student interested in law. We hope you will understand this and respect our policy decision.  If and when you become a law student, we would of course be pleased to hear from you.

So if you are successful in your application for a work experience placement, you know that our teams are committed to providing you with useful, relevant  experience in a successful law firm which will ultimately add depth to your CV. In return we need you to be hard working, enthusiastic and with a strong desire to learn and demonstrate your skills.

Law Students – how and when to apply

Please give details of your availability and the legal disciplines of interest to you.

The number of placements available each year varies, and if we have to turn down your request, we will explain to you why.

If you are a law student, please send an email with your covering letter and CV to

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