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Clinical negligence – a child’s education must be priority

Erin Smart

Where negligence has led to a diagnosis of, for example, Cerebral Palsy, it is important that the child is provided for moving forward. 

The Westminster attack – who compensates and funds rehabilitation for the bereaved families or victims after such a tragedy?

Eman Hassan

Whilst investigations into the Westminster Attack are ongoing, bereaved families, victims and their loved ones; together with the police and even solicitors, are trying to unravel the tragedy that occurred on 22 March 2017.

Exciting development in the fight against glaucoma

Sarmad Gassoub

Glaucoma is an ophthalmic disease which can affect and damage the optic nerve (connecting the eye to the brain). It can lead to permanent loss of vision if left undetected and untreated, and is the main cause of permanent blindness in the UK.

Your employment rights if you suffer a brain injury or need to take time off to help a loved one

Katherine Maxwell

Returning to work after a brain injury or needing to take time off to care for someone with a brain injury can be a daunting time. However, being aware of how your employer can support you in your return to work and their obligations in terms of employment law can help ease the process. 

Funding for cataract surgery

Sarmad Gassoub

It was recently reported in the Sunday Times that the Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group, an NHS body which plans health services for the London Borough, proposes to stop one of the most common NHS operations as part of cost-cutting measures.

The Children and Families Act 2014 - two years on

Erin Smart

At the end of March 2014, the Children and Families Act 2014 finally became law and beginning implementation in September 2014. So, 2 years on, where are we?

Let's support the RNIB

Sarmad Gassoub

Loss of vision or visual impairment can be one of the most devastating and frightening things that can ever happen to you. There are in existence a number of charities that support people with blindness or visual impairment. The RNIB are one of the best known. 

Non-Doms left in mid-air

Tom Lacey

One result of the snap general election called by Theresa May has been the need to rush legislation through including the Finance Bill 2017. 

New Speeding Fines introduced from 24th April 2017

Matthew Claxson

Increased speeding fines are effective from Monday, 24th April 2017. The key difference is the introduction of a three band system that will determine a driver’s fine and number of penalty points.

Personal Injury Trust

Peter Stagg

If you are awarded compensation after suffering a personal injury, and you are also receiving means-tested benefits, it may surprise you to learn that your compensation could result in you losing your benefits.


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