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Will a trade deal help companies with the loss of migration from the UK?

Mandie Sewa

Much of the Vote Leave Campaign was about controlling immigration. However a leaked government EU impact analysis shows that the cost of cutting EU migration is much greater than the benefits. 

Yet more uncertainty for businesses employing EU nationals?

Mandie Sewa

So, Theresa May has promised to battle EU leaders in the next stage of the Brexit divorce talks. This will no doubt make some UK businesses desperate for the Government to lock down the 2-year transition period very nervous, as it will be very difficult to forecast past March 2019.  

Long-term adult social care funding enquiry launched

Nicholas Endean

An enquiry into the long term funding for adult social care is to be launched by MP’s ahead of the government’s Green Paper this summer.

Education, Health and Care Plans Deadline, April 2018

Erin Smart

As many parents may be aware, the Children and Families Act 2014, introduced Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) which were to be an improved, person-centred document to detail children’s special educational needs and provision. They were to replace the old system of Statements which many parents were familiar with. 

Family Mediation Week

Sarah French

As it is Family Mediation Week I took part in a live Twitter Q & A on Wednesday to answer any questions about family mediation.  The question which seemed to generate the most interest was:

Common mediation misconceptions

Sarah French

I commonly come across the following mediation misconceptions in my role as a family mediator:

What is an interim payment in a Personal Injury claim?

Rosanna Watts

An interim payment is a payment that is received by the injured party  (the “Claimant”) from a Defendant before the claim is settled. This payment would be set off against the final payment by the Defendant of compensation in a Claimant’s claim. 

The Health and Social Care Crisis

James Pantling-Skeet

The Care Funding Crisis has been a topic of debate for quite some time. Despite the Government’s commitment to ‘put the state-funded system on a more secure and sustainable footing’, extensive media coverage and various reports by Parliament, Age UK and the Care Quality Commission (“CQC”), effective progress towards tackling the immense pressures faced  by our health and social care system remains to be seen. 

Employing Staff from Outside the EU

Mandie Sewa

Any business that wants to employ workers from outside the EU will usually need to get a Sponsor Licence.

Employee dismissal - being aware matters

Naomi Greenwood

In a complex and ongoing case, the Court of Appeal reversed a ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal which had found that an employee could succeed in a claim for automatically unfair dismissal for whistleblowing even if the person making the decision to dismiss was unaware of the employee having blown the whistle.


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