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International Women’s Day 2018 – The ongoing fight to achieve gender equality in the legal profession

Lawyers, Amandeep Khasriya and Eman Hassan delve into the SRA’s 2017 survey around diversity in law firms across the network.

The SRA’s survey shows that law firms are making incremental changes to promote equality and diversity within the legal profession, however, more clearly needs to be done to balance gender representation at senior levels.  While women make up 59% of non partners in law firms, the proportion of female partners is only 33% in 2017.  There are also staggering differences of the proportion of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) lawyers in leadership positions.

So what can be done to make law more inclusive? The need for further change and positive action is widely acknowledged across the law industry.  Moore Blatch have created new staff groups to help improve firm culture and promote diversity and equality at all levels.   

Recent initiatives have included Moore Blatch’s Agile Working policy, the launch of their Aspiring Lawyers Group which has been set up to inspire junior lawyers to have the confidence and drive to succeed at all levels of our business.  At Moore Blatch, we strongly believe that diversity in the legal profession can only lead to positive changes - helping to prevent discrimination and promote inclusiveness. We hope this type of thinking is adopted across our profession. 

While we are pleased to note the positive increase in diversity and equality within the law industry, we are conscious that there is still work to do – and this can only be achieved if we as a sector work together.  With the support of Moore Blatch, we continue to press for progress on improving diversity and gender quality.

Moore Blatch’s Partner, Trevor Sterling says: “The recent data shows welcome progress but also shows that there is much more to be done to ensure diversity in leadership. At Moore Blatch, our aim is not only to recruit diverse talent through equality of opportunity but to retain and promote diverse talent through innovative initiatives to ensure equality of outcomes at all levels of our business”.

Link to survey:


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