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Changes to data protection laws that every business needs to know about

Dorothy Agnew

In the next two years we are due to see a major overhaul of EU data protection laws, which will have a huge impact on how businesses store data. Every single business that holds information about individuals, will need to comply with the new laws.

Dr Martens stamps out appeal claim

John Warchus

Failure to state expressly who owned the intellectual property rights in design of a logo causes Dr Martens unnecessary expense and inconvenience – which could have been easily avoided.

Laying the foundations: are you prepared for completion?

Jeremy Over

In any corporate transaction, the completion process often represents a culmination of hours of hard work and preparation. However, the potential for last minute problems remains rife. In order to circumvent this risk, those involved in such a transaction can take a number of steps in advance to prepare for and organise the completion process. 

How safe is safe harbour?

Dorothy Agnew

The adequacy of the current scheme by which personal data is legally transferred outside the European Union to the United States, known as the safe harbour Scheme, has recently been declared invalid by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), following the opinion of Advocate General Bot. 

Reputation alone is not enough for passing off

Claire Haverfield

In Starbucks (HK) Ltd and another v British Sky Broadcasting Group plc and others (No 2) the Supreme Court considered whether a claimant in a passing off action need only establish a reputation among a significant section of the public within the UK, or whether it must also establish a business with customers within the UK

Junior doctors strike called off

Dr Mala Sidebottom

A temporary suspension of the junior doctors’ strikes was announced on Monday 30 November, hours before the first walk-out was planned.

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