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Banks mis-selling continues to be a significant issue

Andrew Reid

Bank mis-selling of interest rate hedging products continues to be a significant issue, for both large and small bank customers.

Ensuring cash flow is critical

Peter Worrall

The economy may be improving but cash flow remains critical for most businesses.  A recent BACS survey estimates £39.4 billion is owed to SMEs in late payments.

Singing from the family songsheet…

Katy Barber

In this article Katy Barber talks about her role as a family solicitor, her growing family and how she finds time to sing.

Farm diversification part 1: providing an attractive additional income stream for landowners

Sarah Jordan

Part 1 of our legal advice for property diversification addresses the growing trend to turn part of your farm into a stableyard with grazing for horses. This can provide an attractive additional income stream for landowners. * **

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