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End of exemption for insolvency litigation delayed until 'later in the year'

Lisa Saxby

Following R3's campaign with regards to the proposed reforms suggested by the Jackson report, an announcement has been made that temporary exemption of insolvency litigation from the 2012 LASPO Act has been extended. 

Banks mis-selling continues to be a significant issue

Andrew Reid

Bank mis-selling of interest rate hedging products continues to be a significant issue, for both large and small bank customers.

Ensuring cash flow is critical

Peter Worrall

The economy may be improving but cash flow remains critical for most businesses.  A recent BACS survey estimates £39.4 billion is owed to SMEs in late payments.

Singing from the family songsheet…

Katy Barber

In this article Katy Barber talks about her role as a family solicitor, her growing family and how she finds time to sing.

Farm diversification part 1: providing an attractive additional income stream for landowners

Sarah Jordan

Part 1 of our legal advice for property diversification addresses the growing trend to turn part of your farm into a stableyard with grazing for horses. This can provide an attractive additional income stream for landowners. * **

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