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Social media in recruitment process

Katherine Maxwell

The use of social media can be an extremely valuable tool in the recruitment process when used alongside traditional methods of recruiting.

Technology firms face inflexible bank funding

Andrew Reid

Price rises for comms and internet services providers have been predicted, as a consequence of this year’s changes to VAT rules for EU online sales. A predicament arises for these providers – as to whether a price rise will affect their revenue positively - or negatively if their customers move elsewhere.

Topshop loses in the Court of Appeal over use of Rihanna's image

Claire Haverfield

Court of Appeal upholds the decision of the High Court that Topshop’s use of Rihanna’s image amounts to passing off.

How secure is your data? Insecure data could damage your business

Dorothy Agnew

Business are using cloud services for data storage, corporate websites, payment processing, sales,  marketing and many other business activities.  Using cloud services provides flexibility and potentially lower costs, but how secure is your data?

New exceptions in UK intellectual property law already outdated?

Dorothy Agnew

In October last year UK intellectual property law received a much needed update, when exceptions for personal copying, parody, and quotation came into force.

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