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Half of travel brands found bookings increased due to Facebook presence

David Bright

Social media is one example of the way technology is evolving and changing our lives.  This is true across all aspects of our lives but especially so in the travel sector as people increasingly turn to social media and online review platforms such as Trip Advisor to research and then decide on their travel plans.

2016 to be a good year for the property market

Julian Parkes

While property is likely to be the largest overhead a business has, the right premises can also be a business’s biggest asset. The upturn in the real estate sector in Hampshire in 2015 saw more rental options available to businesses, including short to mid-term leases, which provide flexibility to move to larger premises as the business grows.

Answering your questions on Inheritance Tax

Philip Whitcomb

How is the best way to manage inheritance tax due? What are the new rules lifting the threshold and how will they work? What steps can I take to ensure any due inheritance tax is kept to a minimum? In this blog post I look to answer some of the common questions we receive regarding inheritance tax with the new IHT allowances due to come in to force in 2017.

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