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The rise and risks of alternative finance

Hayleigh Sears

“Alternative finance” is an umbrella term used to describe alternative ways of raising finance beyond the more traditional methods such as bank funding. 

The duty to act in good faith - worth the paper it is written on?

John Warchus

Although the courts have and continue to state that there is no general duty to act in good faith in relation to a contract, why is it that there seem to be more cases than ever centering on the meaning of ‘good faith’? 

Bank robbery, 2016 style

Andrew Reid

Picture a bank robbery, and you may have in mind masked armed thugs bursting into their local bank branch, then making a speedy exit in a get-away car. But modern technology has created a new breed of bank robbers armed not with guns but laptops.

Are your terms and conditions fair?

Jack Keats

All companies trading across borders with EU consumers should check any jurisdiction clauses used in their standard terms to ensure that they make their contracts subject to mandatory consumer protection in the consumer’s jurisdiction. If companies fail to do so the jurisdiction clause may be considered unfair and unenforceable.

Transatlantic data transfers - is the new privacy harbour a triumph of substance over form?

Dorothy Agnew

Many businesses both in the UK and in the EU store personal data in the US.  In order to comply with current data protection laws they have to ensure that any data being transferred by them to the US is adequately protected.

The rise of the autonomous car

Dorothy Agnew

By 2025, the driverless technology industry is expected to be worth a staggering £900 billion globally and is currently growing by 16 per cent a year.

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