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Involved in a road crash where driver at fault is uninsured or untraced – what can you do?

Matthew Claxson

If you are involved in a non fault road traffic collision where you have sustained serious injury then you are entitled to expect the driver at fault to be insured so that their insurance company can invest in your medical rehabilitation. 

Preservation against the odds

Jan Galloway

I increasingly come across clients with an international dimension; those who are UK based with assets abroad or those who have moved here from overseas.

How do Provisional Damages benefit a seriously injured person?

Matthew Claxson

The majority of claims for personal injury compensation are settled on a full and final basis.  This would prevent an injured person from returning at a later date to the paying party for further compensation. 

A fatal accident act claim: How can a solicitor help

Matthew Claxson

In cases of road death the victim is not only the person who has died but also those that they have left behind trying to cope with the unexpected sudden loss of a loved one.

Myth-busting: Common law wives, are pre-nups legally binding and much much more

Jan Galloway

Over the years many so called legal terms and concepts have become common parlance, encouraged by the media, albeit wholly factually incorrect.

What may help you prove fault after a road traffic collision

Matthew Claxson

There is no automatic right to compensation following a road traffic collision. It has to first be established that the third party driver is at fault, and then you need to prove what losses flow from the collision.

Moving abroad with children? Consider the issues should the relationship fail

Jan Galloway

Many couples at some point in their life consider the benefits of a life overseas whether for quality of life, employment, prospects for their children or family ties. Over the last decade around 4m people chose to emigrate from the UK* and many of these will have children.

Improving communication in rural property through shared data rooms

Edward Whittington

Rural properties are usually complex and involve a lot of documentation, information and data. Therefore one of the biggest challenges between clients and professionals is how best to share all the information and documentation. 

Who will make decisions for you if you can't?

Fiona Heald

Most of us understand the importance of having a will in place, but too few of us consider putting in place a lasting power of attorney (LPA), possibly because we don’t really understand what one is. So, why should we consider protecting ourselves and our families with a LPA?

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