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Winter is here, and the road surface is not in great shape!

Matthew Claxson

I put pen to paper after hearing a report that the state of our UK roads are deteriorating, that there is an increasing number of potholes, and the sum of money required to invest is substantial. 

The ‘Uber’ judgement – when are self-employed contractors not really self-employed contractors?

Katherine Maxwell

In a landmark decision, an employment tribunal has held that a group of Uber drivers are not ‘self-employed’ contractors (as asserted by Uber), but are in fact ‘workers’.

Interim payments and rehabilitation

Matthew Claxson

Interim payments and rehabilitation, in personal injury claims, are of great assistance to those who have either suffered serious injury or have been bereaved.

Is a dismissal unfair when a prior written warning is inappropriate?

Naomi Greenwood

In the case of Bandara v BBC (UKEAT/0335/15/JOJ), the employee received a final written warning for two acts which the employer considered could amount to gross misconduct. 

The role of EU employment law in Post-Brexit Britain – House of Commons Briefing Paper

Katherine Maxwell

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, some have wondered about the future role of EU law within the UK. The House of Commons Library has however recently produced a concise briefing paper detailing the UK government’s current views on the matter.

The ‘Gay Cake’ case – further developments in the religion vs. sexual orientation protected characteristic debate

Naomi Greenwood

On the 24 October 2016, the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland released its judgement in the case of Lee v McArthur & Ors [2016] NICA 39, deciding the question of whether religious beliefs trump the law against discrimination in the supply of goods and services on grounds of sexual orientation.

Looking ahead: the outlook for agricultural workers post-Brexit

Katherine Maxwell

The UK agricultural industry undoubtedly faces uncertain times ahead following the outcome of the EU referendum, and whether this will amount to positive or negative change remains to be seen.

Ensure your Shared Parental Leave policies are not discriminatory

Stephanie Bowen

When Shared Parental Leave was introduced in April 2015, we advised that employers could see employees successfully bringing sex discrimination claims if an employer chose to offer different rates of pay for men and women under their shared parental policies.

Is there a time limit for bringing a personal injury claim?

Matthew Claxson

There will almost always be a time limit for you to have either settled a claim for personal injury compensation or to have started formal court proceedings.

Are you worth more than you realise?

Philip Whitcomb

Research shows that people with savings and investments together with a property underestimate what they are worth. If you’ve underestimated the value of your estate it’s likely you are liable to more inheritance tax than you may realise.


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