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Plan ahead to ensure that you can pay for care home fees

Fiona Heald

With long term care estimated to cost around £40,000 a year, and in some cases even more, it is vital that people plan their care in advance of ill health or old age. Unfortunately planning for care is something that few of us consider until it is too late. Professional advice could help you to meet this future expense and is worth considering.

Creative litigation could unlock hidden value in traded portfolios

Rob Evans

Buyers of mortgage books containing loans in arrears could benefit from extra cash generation through potential professional negligence claims. This is often due to overvaluations or negligence relating to title, purchase price or the borrowers. Rob Evans, partner at Moore Blatch, explains.

Divorce with light touch legal intervention is the future

Jan Galloway

Divorce is often cited as one of the most stressful lifetime events, and to most people it conjures up images of warring couples, distressed children and worried about the financial cost and emotional energy spent. Happily, it is not quite like this today.

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