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"It's better to give than to receive"

Fiona Heald

As the well-known phrase goes, it’s always nice to receive a gift. However, legally, gifting - whether of money, property, possessions or even providing an interest free loan - is not as simple as people think, and there are a lot of myths about what you can and cannot do.

Why would I need a health and welfare lasting power of attorney?

Fiona Heald

Most people think they know who would make a decision about their lives if they were not able to do so. 

Breaking up doesn't have to be hard

Katy Barber

The end of a relationship is a difficult, emotional and usually stressful time and can cause mental, emotional and financial hardship. If you have made the decision to separate from your partner, it is important to obtain some clear guidance, particularly where money or children are concerned.

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