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Education, Health and Care Plans – Are they working?

Nicholas Endean

Families of children with special educational needs are facing a “disproportionate burden” to ensure they get the support they need. This is the main headline from a recent report issued by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

Stamp Duty Land Tax - Reliefs and Mitigation

Elinor Davis

Most people are by now aware that in March 2016 the government overhauled the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) rates, ostensibly to “reform” and “make fairer” the process for “hard working families” – that oft used phrase beloved of politicians, but in fact resulting in significant increases in the amount of tax paid on properties over £250,000

NHS Continuing Healthcare: Cap to Community-based Care Funding

James Pantling-Skeet

Today we learn from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (“EHRC”) that a new policy implemented by 44 Clinical Commissioning Groups (“CCGs”) which caps funding for NHS Continuing Healthcare funded care 

Agricultural property relief, what to do following the death of a farmer

Philip Whitcomb

It will come as no surprise to many of you that even with a lack of resources in personnel and time, HMRC and the District Valuers are under pressure to maximise the inheritance tax intake.

Farm diversification – Film on a farm

Sarah Jordan

‘Film on a Farm’ is an outdoor cinema experience held in a beautiful rural location on a farm and while it originated in the South, it has been touring the UK this year with the hope to expand through franchise going forward. I have been to one and it is a great experience, especially going on a particularly beautiful evening! 

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 - 10 Years On

James Pantling-Skeet

Recently the Mental Capacity Act (“MCA”) 2005 reached its 10 year anniversary. The question is what has changed since the Acts introduction and has the legislation been effective?

Government: we are 'in the business of building houses' - (great) news for housebuilders?

Ross Jarvis

Prime Minister Theresa May has today announced at the Conservative party conference that the government will commit a further £2bn towards affordable housing as part of her ‘personal mission’ to fix Britain’s ‘broken housing market’.

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