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A summary of the new General Data Protection Regulation

Dorothy Agnew

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become directly applicable in all member states on 25 May 2018.  It will create clarity for businesses by establishing a single set of rules across the EU.

Settlement Agreements - ensuring a MOORE favourable exit

Naomi Greenwood

If you find yourself in circumstances where you are offered a Settlement Agreement (formerly known as Compromise Agreement) upon leaving a business, understanding the terms and deciding whether to accept can be quite daunting.

Cycle safety

Matthew Claxson

As a keen cyclist I am delighted to have the better summer weather arrive to enjoy my chosen routes, and not surprising that there is an increased number of cyclists around on our roads with the same objective in mind.

Compensating victims of terror

Damian Horan

As the country picks itself up from the third appalling terrorist attack in three months many questions are being asked. Among them is, how can we ensure that the innocent victims of these atrocities and their families are properly supported with the care they deserve?

Considering taking on a lasting power of attorney?

Fiona Heald

A lasting power of attorney is a legal agreement allowing an individual to give authority to someone they trust in order to make key decisions on their behalf. There are two types of LPA, one covering financial affairs and the other health and wellbeing, both being used when an individual is no longer able to make important decisions themselves.

Autism charities demand change ahead of General Election

Nicholas Endean

North West charity, Autism Together along with other regional autism charities have sent an open letter to the leaders of the main political parties ahead of this month’s general election highlighting the failures by local authorities to ensure a fair and proper needs assessment.

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