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NHS Resolution’s review of five years of cerebral palsy claims: little change since 1991

Dr Mala Sidebottom

NHS Resolution’s review of 5 years of cerebral palsy claims was published last week.  50 cases were reviewed where children developed cerebral palsy due to errors antenatally, during childbirth, and in the immediate postnatal period. 

The importance of a good quality witness statement in serious injury cases

Caroline Buckingham

In any claim for personal injury, witness statements form a vital part of the case. A good quality witness statement is of even greater importance in high value claims for spinal cord injuries.

Never discount the power of the insurance lobby

Sarmad Gassoub

The Ogden or ‘discount rate’ is applied to personal injury settlements when deciding the appropriate amount of money to award victims of negligence as a lump sum payment. 

Comment on the NAO’s report into rising clinical negligence costs

Sarah Stanton

The National Audit Office has today published its long-awaited report into why costs to the NHS associated with clinical negligence cases continue to rise, despite several initiatives designed to lower them.

Voluntary overtime must be included in holiday pay

Naomi Greenwood

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that voluntary overtime must be included when calculating holiday pay.

Changes to employment law proposed by review of modern working practices (the “gig economy”)

Katherine Maxwell

The gig economy is often defined as “a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs."

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