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Moore Blatch’s top rules for transactions

Thomas Clark

Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” and that is never more than true in transactional work. As preparation is key to a smooth and ultimately successful acquisition or disposal, each quarter we will bring you some of our most important rules to follow leading up to that all important transaction. The first, appointing your key advisers.

Is Privacy Shield still adequate for data transfers to the US?

Dorothy Agnew

In July 2016, the European Commission formally adopted Privacy Shield, a new framework for exchanges of personal data between the EU and US for commercial purposes. This means that Privacy Shield is approved by the EC as an adequate means of transferring personal data from the EEA to the US. This remains the position until the EC decides to change its adequacy decision. 

How does a Personal Injury Trust benefit you during a Personal Injury claim?

Samantha Grose

Means-tested benefits such as housing benefit, universal credit and council tax credits and access to care services are assessed based on your income and savings. If you have been successfully awarded compensation [”damages”] in a personal injury claim this could affect your eligibility to receive these benefits, both now and in the future.

New requirements for providers of essential services

Dorothy Agnew

The Network and Security Information Regulations 2018 came into force earlier this year.  

Start-up visas for tech companies – what’s all the hype about?

Mandie Sewa

During this year’s London Tech Week, a new visa route aimed at the tech industry was announced.  The Start Up visa has been designed following advice from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) and feedback from the tech sector.

Goodlife Foods Limited v Hall Fire Protection Limited

John Warchus

A recent case ‘Goodlife Foods Ltd v Hall Fire Protection Ltd’ has once again shown that the courts often place considerable importance on the availability of insurance in interpreting the validity (or not) of an exclusion of liability clause in a commercial contract.

Question and answer - Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd

Dorothy Agnew

A family run innovation company, Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd design, develop and manufacture innovative products in medical, defence and commercial industries.  They are passionate about innovations that have a positive impact on society.

Gig-economy workers

Katherine Maxwell

In order to “fulfil the tax obligations of their workers” the Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) has asked the government whether online platforms such as taxi firms or food delivery businesses could deduct tax from earnings.

ICO gets tough: Equifax fined £500,000 under the “old” rules for very serious data breach

John Warchus

The recent introduction into UK law of the more stringent General Data Protection Regulation rules (GDPR) has certainly raised awareness of data protection and security.  

New AMD treatment hopes for age-related sight loss

Sarmad Gassoub

The 11th October 2018 is World Sight Day (WSD), an annual day of awareness to focus attention on blindness and visual impairment.


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