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Ensure you understand how to tax notice pay when it is paid in lieu following recent changes to the law in this area

Katherine Maxwell

This April saw the most significant change to the taxation of termination payments in many years. The intention of the change is to tax payments for unworked notice as though the notice had been worked, though the details of the implementation are inevitably more complicated than that. 

What is working time for on-call workers?

Stephanie Bowen

In the case of Villes de Nivelles v Matze, the European Court of Justice held that ‘stand-by’ time (which a worker spends at home while being duty bound to respond to calls from his employer within eight minutes) must be regarded as ‘working time’.

The abolition of Employment Tribunal Fees has opened the floodgates

Stephanie Bowen

It’s less than 12 months since the Employment Tribunal fees were scrapped and already claims are up by 90%.

The gender pay gap – did you fail to report?

Naomi Greenwood

More than 1500 companies who employ over 250 people failed to report their gender pay gap results on the 4th April.

Windrush generation – Are you affected?

Mandie Sewa

So, Theresa May has finally apologised to many Commonwealth citizens whose families were invited to come to build a broken Britain between 1948 – 1971. Yet decades their children face prohibition on employment, access to healthcare and housing, and in some cases removal from the only country they consider to be home.

UK government sends message to Windrush children – We don’t want you

Mandie Sewa

The 22nd June this year marks the 70th anniversary of the docking of a ship that sailed from the Caribbean to the UK. This ship, the SS Empire Windrush and has subsequently become a powerful and iconic symbol of UK migration.

The high street suffers despite falling unemployment – ensure redundancy policy is fair

Emma Edis

We have just seen the lowest unemployment figures since May 1975, but despite this positive outlook, in many parts of the country the High Street is suffering.

Equality and Human Rights Commission reports on tackling sexual harassment in the workplace

Naomi Greenwood

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has identified widespread failures by employers to set out sufficient processes and policies on sexual harassment.

Should a high earning capacity be shared upon divorce?

Victoria Walker

The Court of Appeal has released judgment in the case of Waggott v Waggott saying no it shouldn’t and dismissing the wife’s appeal.    

Facebook’s data processing scandal could set the tone for GDPR claims

Katherine Maxwell

Ahead of the implementation of the GDPR on 25 May, Facebook and its relationship with Cambridge Analytica could set a quasi-benchmark in consumers’ minds about how much their GDPR claim could be worth if their personal data is mishandled.


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