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NHS funding warning sees likely increase in taxes

Sarmad Gassoub

It is no secret the NHS is in slipping deeper and deeper into financial crisis – more so now than ever before in its 70 year history.

The centuries old system of signing and witnessing deeds in property transactions could be coming to an end

Callum Leary

On 5 April 2018, the Land Registry registered the first digitally signed mortgage deed.

The new ‘Sign Your Mortgage Deed’ system for the signing of deeds negates the requirement for a witness to physically watch a borrower sign the deed.

How best to protect your assets when in a relationship or contemplating marriage

Sarah French

When you commence a new relationship or get engaged protecting your assets is probably not the first thing on your mind.  Whilst it is unromantic it is, however, a good idea to consider the following protective measures you can take to try to protect your assets.  This is particularly the case if there is a sizeable imbalance between the financial circumstances of you both, and/or if you have significant inheritance prospects. 

GDPR and Immigration Exemptions

Mandie Sewa

In a few weeks, data protection rules across Europe will experience their biggest change in the last 20 years.  On 25 May 2018, the Data Protection Bill 29017 (that incorporates provisions of GDPR) will come into force in the UK. It will change how businesses and public sector organisations can handle the information of their customers.

Best interests and mental capacity

Nicholas Endean

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is a defining piece of legislation designed to protect and empower vulnerable people who lack capacity to make their own decisions. The Act and Code of Practice should be followed at all times to ensure that vulnerable people are supported as far as possible when making decisions in their best interests.

A brief examination of new Government plans to help Windrush families

Mandie Sewa

The Government has published new guidance for undocumented Commonwealth citizens, Amber Rudd has resigned and Sajid Javid has been appointed the new Home Secretary, but will these policy changes and grand gestures actually help Windrush children?

Crowdfunding being increasingly used to challenge education cuts

Nicholas Endean

Parents up and down the country are using Crowd justice – a form of crowdfunding, to fund challenges to local authorities cutting special educational needs and disability (SEND) provision reports the Guardian.

Beware of annual reviews

Mea North

Anyone who receives a financial contribution towards their care fees, either as a result of NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, or as a result of a financial assessment undertaken by the Local Authority, ought to have their needs assessed regularly. 

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