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8 Tips to Pass a Home Office Audit

If you’re a UK business, (however large or small) and want to employ staff from outside the EU, you will generally need to have a Sponsor Licence awarded by the Home Office. There are lots or onerous, boring and seemingly tedious record keeping duties and reporting conditions you must comply with and on top of all of this you can expect a visit from the Home Office at any time. This can be a scheduled visit or a surprise!

Passing an audit is very important as if you fail, you could be fined, and/or downgraded or stripped of your licence altogether. With most political parties promising to reduce net migration it’s likely that home Office visits will increase.

So, how do you pass the audit?

  • Have official written polices.
  • Keep them in one place.
  • Make sure everyone involved with your sponsor Licence e.g. your Authorising Officer, Key contact, Level 1 and Level 2 user’s k now what and where your polices are not just your HR Department or Director.
  • Consider changes e.g. changes in the law and give another example that are reflected in your policies.
  • Train your staff.
  • Plan for the unexpected e.g. absence cover.
  • Don’t bin it! Keep all records for at least the length of your licence, but preferably for 6 years.
  • Mock audits are a great way to make sure you house is in order if you already have a Sponsor Licence, or to whip it into shape if you’re thinking about getting one. We can help you achieve this as well as making sure you’ve done all the right checks on all your employees – which could save you from a huge fine.

If you have any questions about this, or UK immigration law in general please contact Mandie Sewa, Head of our Immigration Department, by telephone on 020 3818 5433 or by email at





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