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Getting Defensive

Sarmad Gassoub

MP’s reported today what many of us clinical negligence specialists are all too acutely aware of – that NHS Trusts have a ‘prevailing attitude of defensiveness when things go wrong, and a reluctance to admit mistakes’.

NHS Resolution’s review of five years of cerebral palsy claims: little change since 1991

Dr Mala Sidebottom

NHS Resolution’s review of 5 years of cerebral palsy claims was published last week.  50 cases were reviewed where children developed cerebral palsy due to errors antenatally, during childbirth, and in the immediate postnatal period. 

Comment on the NAO’s report into rising clinical negligence costs

Sarah Stanton

The National Audit Office has today published its long-awaited report into why costs to the NHS associated with clinical negligence cases continue to rise, despite several initiatives designed to lower them.

Fit for a King?

Sarmad Gassoub

In these times of austerity when the NHS faces perhaps its greatest challenge yet trying to meet incessantly rising patient demand with dwindling financial and human resources it is tempting for patients (at least those who can afford it) to look to the private health sector for salvation.

Clinical negligence – a child’s education must be priority

Erin Smart

Where negligence has led to a diagnosis of, for example, Cerebral Palsy, it is important that the child is provided for moving forward. 

Cuts to care

Paula Barnes

The recent case of Luke Davey has dealt a real blow to those living with disability in receipt of a Care package funded by the Local Authority to which cuts are made who may be contemplating a legal challenge.

Parents of children with acquired brain injuries benefit from support over and above the compensation aspects of a claim

Tim Spring

As featured in the recently published Encephalitis Society Neuro-Legal Handbook, Tim Spring discusses our complete support based solution for parents of children with an acquired brain injury, and a specific special educational needs case study.

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