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Reputation alone is not enough for passing off

Claire Haverfield

In Starbucks (HK) Ltd and another v British Sky Broadcasting Group plc and others (No 2) the Supreme Court considered whether a claimant in a passing off action need only establish a reputation among a significant section of the public within the UK, or whether it must also establish a business with customers within the UK

New design opinions service to help resolve disputes

Claire Haverfield

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is hoping to introduce a new Design Opinions Service.

Topshop loses in the Court of Appeal over use of Rihanna's image

Claire Haverfield

Court of Appeal upholds the decision of the High Court that Topshop’s use of Rihanna’s image amounts to passing off.

Guidance note - UK intellectual property rights

Claire Haverfield

Intellectual property covers a wide range of unique creations including symbols, names, brands, images, databases, inventions, books and artistic works. We have put together a table that sets out a brief overview of the main different types of intellectual property rights.

Guidance note - minimising the risk of a commercial dispute

Claire Haverfield

A commercial dispute can be a significant drain on a company’s financial and management resources.  This note provides guidance on how a company can minimise the risk of a commercial dispute.

Guidance note - managing the risks involved in a commercial dispute

Claire Haverfield

It is inevitable that a company will face commercial disputes from time to time. A commercial dispute can be a significant drain on a company’s financial and management resources. This note provides guidance on how a company can manage the risks involved if a commercial dispute does arise.

Guidance note – Funding Commercial Litigation

Claire Haverfield

There are ways in which a company may be able to fund the litigation and/or minimise the risk of an adverse costs order.

Guidance note – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Claire Haverfield

There are some processes that can be used to settle commercial disputes instead of the litigation process. This note sets out the most common types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) methods.

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