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£47,000 for transgender Primark employee following ‘shocking’ discrimination

Stephanie Bowen

Gender reassignment is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Yet a case recently emerged in which a female Primark employee received £47,000 in compensation after suffering gender reassignment discrimination

Tesco’s £4bn equal pay bill

Katherine Maxwell

Tesco is facing an £4 billion equal pay claim from thousands of female shop workers. If this claim is successful, it could result in the UK’s largest ever claim for equal pay, potentially opening the floodgates for other similar claims.   

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Katherine Maxwell

From Westminster to Hollywood and more recently the charity sector, reports of sexual harassment have become a regular feature in headline news. 

Are your employees making the most of shared parental leave?

Naomi Greenwood

Despite shared parental leave being introduced in 2015, only 2% of those couples eligible for the leave have chosen to use it. In a bid to boost take up, the government has launched a £1.5 million “Share the Joy” campaign.

Are you ready for gender pay reporting?

Katherine Maxwell

While gender pay reporting currently only applies to organisations employing over 250 people, it’s advisable that any organisation employing over 100 people take a keen interest in the legislation as the rules could be rolled out more broadly over time. Although organisations employing less than 250 people aren’t obliged to report, they can do so if they wish.

Employee dismissal - being aware matters

Naomi Greenwood

In a complex and ongoing case, the Court of Appeal reversed a ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal which had found that an employee could succeed in a claim for automatically unfair dismissal for whistleblowing even if the person making the decision to dismiss was unaware of the employee having blown the whistle.

Uber loses a battle but the war continues

Naomi Greenwood

In our previous update, we advised you that the Employment Appeal Tribunal had held that Uber’s drivers are to be classed as workers. Since then Uber have said they will launch a further appeal.

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Katherine Maxwell

Christmas can be a notoriously tricky time for employers, with numerous social events and of course the inevitable office Christmas party. How can you deal with these situations if something gets out of hand? What do you do about calculating employees’ holiday allowance for the festive period? Our guide will help you overcome these common pitfalls.

13 years of Back Holiday Pay for Window Salesman

Emma Edis

A window salesman has been awarded 13 years of unpaid holiday pay by the European Court of Justice in the King v The Sash Window Workshop case. 

Greater flexibility for workers around rest periods

Stephanie Bowen

The outcome of the recent case, Marques da Rosa v Varzim Sol, means workers, especially those carrying out shift work, night work, or with irregular working patterns, could have greater flexibility around when they can take their rest breaks.


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