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Family Mediation Week

Sarah French

As it is Family Mediation Week I took part in a live Twitter Q & A on Wednesday to answer any questions about family mediation.  The question which seemed to generate the most interest was:

Common mediation misconceptions

Sarah French

I commonly come across the following mediation misconceptions in my role as a family mediator:

Divorce case of Mrs and Mr Owens

Debra Emery

In the wake of the striking divorce case of Mrs and Mr Owens, BBC Radio Solent spoke to Debra Emery, Partner and Head of the Moore Blatch Family department about the implications of Judge Robin Tolson QC refusing Mrs Tini Owens application for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour at the Family Court sitting at Oxford last year.

Protecting the bank of mum and dad

Katy Barber

As we enter 2017, there is a higher-than-normal degree of uncertainty regarding the prospects of the UK economy and the housing market, especially for first time buyers.

Preservation against the odds

Jan Galloway

I increasingly come across clients with an international dimension; those who are UK based with assets abroad or those who have moved here from overseas.

Myth-busting: Common law wives, are pre-nups legally binding and much much more

Jan Galloway

Over the years many so called legal terms and concepts have become common parlance, encouraged by the media, albeit wholly factually incorrect.

Moving abroad with children? Consider the issues should the relationship fail

Jan Galloway

Many couples at some point in their life consider the benefits of a life overseas whether for quality of life, employment, prospects for their children or family ties. Over the last decade around 4m people chose to emigrate from the UK* and many of these will have children.

Breaking up doesn't have to be hard

Katy Barber

The end of a relationship is a difficult, emotional and usually stressful time and can cause mental, emotional and financial hardship. If you have made the decision to separate from your partner, it is important to obtain some clear guidance, particularly where money or children are concerned.

Divorce with light touch legal intervention is the future

Jan Galloway

Divorce is often cited as one of the most stressful lifetime events, and to most people it conjures up images of warring couples, distressed children and worried about the financial cost and emotional energy spent. Happily, it is not quite like this today.

Ease the stress of divorce by avoiding these common pitfalls

Katy Barber

Divorce is shrouded in myths which lead many people to make mistakes. People are often surprised when we explain to them that there aren't protections in place for a common law partner or that you don't necessarily need to go to court to get divorced. These myths can cost them dear and can be emotionally draining, particularly when children are involved.


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