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What can you do if your Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is refused due to the genuineness test?

Mandie Sewa

The genuineness test came into effect in January 2013. At first it only applied to first time applicants but was quickly extended to extension and settlement applications. 

Will a trade deal help companies with the loss of migration from the UK?

Mandie Sewa

Much of the Vote Leave Campaign was about controlling immigration. However a leaked government EU impact analysis shows that the cost of cutting EU migration is much greater than the benefits. 

Yet more uncertainty for businesses employing EU nationals?

Mandie Sewa

So, Theresa May has promised to battle EU leaders in the next stage of the Brexit divorce talks. This will no doubt make some UK businesses desperate for the Government to lock down the 2-year transition period very nervous, as it will be very difficult to forecast past March 2019.  

Employing Staff from Outside the EU

Mandie Sewa

Any business that wants to employ workers from outside the EU will usually need to get a Sponsor Licence.

Thousands of people could potentially have bank accounts frozen

Mandie Sewa

The latest Government crackdown relating to illegal immigrants came into force on the 1st of this month. The Immigration Act 2016 implements measures to prevent known illegal immigrants from operating bank accounts by giving the Home Office powers to freeze bank accounts. The measures follow on from the Immigration Act 2014 that prohibited banks from opening new current accounts for illegal migrants.

Settled Status for EU Nationals – What Does It Mean?

Mandie Sewa

The UK government and European Commission reached a deal to finalise the rights of EU nationals in the UK in November last year. All EU citizens will need to apply to the Home Office for ‘Settled Status’. The cut off date for doing this will be 29 March 2021. This new status will not be granted automatically. All EU nationals, including those with Permanent Residence, will have to make an application to obtain it.

Blue passports making a comeback

Mandie Sewa

The Government has opted to return to the blue passport first introduced in 1921 once the UK leaves the EU.  The new passports will be issued from October next year to those applying for a new British passport. Existing passports will not be affected. So, British passport holders do not need to do anything before their current passport renewal date. 

Advice for EU Nationals

Tamara Rundle

Since voting to leave the EU there has been a sharp rise in the number of EU Nationals seeking to show they have British residency. These figures are only set to rise. This is especially true for EEA (European Economic Area) nationals that consider the UK to be their permanent home.

Immigration refusal rates

Tamara Rundle

Figures show that in Quarter 1 of 2016, there were 418 entry clearance entrepreneur applications made with a 50% refusal rate.

Brexit will be good for universities

Tamara Rundle

So says Oxford’s new head of Brexit strategy…


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