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Advice for EU Nationals

Tamara Rundle

Since voting to leave the EU there has been a sharp rise in the number of EU Nationals seeking to show they have British residency. These figures are only set to rise. This is especially true for EEA (European Economic Area) nationals that consider the UK to be their permanent home.

Immigration refusal rates

Tamara Rundle

Figures show that in Quarter 1 of 2016, there were 418 entry clearance entrepreneur applications made with a 50% refusal rate.

Brexit will be good for universities

Tamara Rundle

So says Oxford’s new head of Brexit strategy…

Assurance without insurance?

Tamara Rundle

The NHS is a National Health Service.  Does that mean it is a service for people when they are in our great nation or that it is a service for Nationals?

Steps EU nationals can take to acquire British citizenship

Tamara Rundle

Following the referendum we have received a number of enquiries from EU Nationals keen to formalise their immigration status in the UK as they are currently exercising treaty rights.

What next for EU citizens living in the UK?

Tamara Rundle

Following the referendum, well over three million EU citizens living in Britain find themselves in a situation that even bookmakers hadn’t anticipated. 

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