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How does a Personal Injury Trust benefit you during a Personal Injury claim?

Samantha Grose

Means-tested benefits such as housing benefit, universal credit and council tax credits and access to care services are assessed based on your income and savings. If you have been successfully awarded compensation [”damages”] in a personal injury claim this could affect your eligibility to receive these benefits, both now and in the future.

Reporting medical conditions to the DVLA

Siobhan Thomas

Research by insurers has revealed that most people fail to disclose a medical condition because they believe it has no effect on their driving.

What is an interim payment in a Personal Injury claim?

Rosanna Watts

An interim payment is a payment that is received by the injured party  (the “Claimant”) from a Defendant before the claim is settled. This payment would be set off against the final payment by the Defendant of compensation in a Claimant’s claim. 

Accessing Rehabilitation after Major Trauma

Miranda Clarke

When someone has suffered major trauma it’s a very traumatic time for them and their family/friends.  Most people are unaware of the treatment or other means of rehabilitation available to them; this is one of the main benefits of instructing a Solicitor specialising in major trauma claims to pursue a claim against the “at fault” insurer. 

Can the NHS recover its costs from an insurance company after a personal injury claim?

Sophie Davies

Under Part 3 of The Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003, a person is liable to pay the NHS charges if they make a compensation payment in consequence of any injury suffered 

The importance of a good quality witness statement in serious injury cases

Caroline Buckingham

In any claim for personal injury, witness statements form a vital part of the case. A good quality witness statement is of even greater importance in high value claims for spinal cord injuries.

Never discount the power of the insurance lobby

Sarmad Gassoub

The Ogden or ‘discount rate’ is applied to personal injury settlements when deciding the appropriate amount of money to award victims of negligence as a lump sum payment. 

Cycle safety

Matthew Claxson

As a keen cyclist I am delighted to have the better summer weather arrive to enjoy my chosen routes, and not surprising that there is an increased number of cyclists around on our roads with the same objective in mind.

Compensating victims of terror

Damian Horan

As the country picks itself up from the third appalling terrorist attack in three months many questions are being asked. Among them is, how can we ensure that the innocent victims of these atrocities and their families are properly supported with the care they deserve?

New Speeding Fines introduced from 24th April 2017

Matthew Claxson

Increased speeding fines are effective from Monday, 24th April 2017. The key difference is the introduction of a three band system that will determine a driver’s fine and number of penalty points.


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